Burned-out from the typical recruiting world, Tifhani Ristick started SHINE Career Whispering to offer her career coaching magic to the world. While the coaching business was successful from the beginning, she had a glimmer of knowing that she truly wanted to build something bigger where she can continue to make a positive impact on people while creating a sustainable and fulfilling opportunity for the best talent in the industry.

Within months, Arienne White, her previous colleague and recruitment/operations superstar, reached out to discuss opportunities to work together again. After one life-changing phone call, they joined forces and SHINE Career Collective was born.

They quickly realized that not only do great humans need help with their careers, there are many companies in the world – purpose-led, people-first companies – who don’t have the time or resources to develop teams or create processes to sustain them. They don’t just need “positions filled” by a staffing company, they need someone to help them build everything out AND serve as their in-house, outsourced recruitment team. 

What started as a 2-week contract with a Portland area manufacturer became a long-term relationship that SHINE still fulfills today and has organically expanded into long- and short-term projects for dozens of clients. 

Today, the team continues to grow along with the demand for new and innovative talent solutions. 

Our Core Values

These six values encompass our fundamental truths as humans and as a company. 

They guide our daily operations and every decision we make. 

We are humans who work with humans, not job titles.

No matter who you are or what you do, we are here to help you illuminate your path.


This world of hiring and career can be a roller coaster! With so many twists, turns and loop-de-doops, it can be easy to go off the rails. We thrive on a challenge, and finding creative solutions to problems and delays is in our DNA.

We don't "fill roles", we find great people.

You are so much more than a number to us. We know who you are and we know what you need. Working together is EASY because we put you first.

Service with a smile.

You will never find a robot on the end of the line. Whether our client or candidate, we know your name and we are here every step of the way. We’ve been called ‘a breath of fresh air’ more than once!

We do what we say and you get what we promise.

We won’t waste your time with candidates who aren’t a perfect match. No hidden fees or surprises, just straight up support. And we tell the truth - if something isn’t working or could get better results with a small tweak, we’ll say so!

Every. Damn. Day.

Our mission is to illuminate the world of work for everyone, regardless of role or title.

We want to create a world where building great teams and finding great people - while never "easy" - is a pleasure.

We are here to reimagine recruiting for the 21st century - for recruiters, candidates and clients alike.

Everything we do, everything we are exists to forge a connection between people. Whether it’s writing the perfect job description, finding that diamond in a sea of resumes, or helping someone out of the fog and into career clarity, we do it all through a human lens. 

This isn’t “work”, this is our true calling and our heart’s joy. In short, our life’s work is helping you find YOURS.

Meet the SHINE Team

Tifhani Ischer Ristick

Founder, Chief Experience Officer

Arienne White

Founder, Chief Opportunity Officer

Sheri Cubista

Sr. HR Consultant & Executive Leadership Coach

Darcy Gamble

Operations & Talent Acquisition Specialist

Tyler Reimers

Talent Acquisition Consultant

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Melissa Bott

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Liz Wiemken

Talent Acquisition Consultant

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