Arienne White

Founder, Chief Opportunity Officer

With her strong background in recruiting, operations, sales, and relationship management, Arienne has a true passion for this business and strives to make a positive impact on everyone she meets. A problem-solver and strategist through and through, she has a rare and innate talent for not only seeing the big picture but also understanding and executing all the steps to get to the end goal. As the founding COO of the Collective, her vision, planning, and overall leadership skills are what has helped make SHINE, well shine! While a typical day will find her doing a little bit of everything, she gets the most joy from recruiting, coaching and the hands-on development of setting up systems and processes within HR Operations for SHINE, her clients, and external partners.

A believer in the power of building community, she had the rewarding experience of serving as a Board Director and as Board President Elect for the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce for 4 years. “My time with the Chamber was incredibly rewarding. It was wonderful to work alongside so many great people who all shared the same goal of helping people, community and businesses succeed. Community is the foundation to success!”

Arienne lives by the philosophy “work hard, play hard”. When not working, you can find her off on spontaneous adventures to discover amazing places, the best camping spots, and exploring the beautiful world around her with her fiance, Michael, family and friends. When not outside, she’s probably cooking something delicious or curled up on the couch with a good book, and her beloved pup, Rocky.

Recruiting is like: Bootcamp for everything HR! In this industry there is no amount of school that can prepare you for what we experience. So much of what we do is experiential and because it is experience-based, I have a HUMAN perspective on what’s what, how to handle situations and work with people.

Number of interviews conducted: Thousands. Thousands!
Favorite thing about working at SHINE: Everything. Owning and building it is amazing, but working here is even better! We are truly trying to reshape the recruiting and staffing atmosphere from internal staffing to how we partner with our clients. We’re trying out some new and creative working models for our industry. They are working well, and we’re excited to share all that we’re doing with others!
In another life, I was probably: A man. But in this life, I get to be a badass chick, so that’s pretty cool. 🙂
If I wasn’t so darn good at my job, I would be: A travel blogger/photographer
When I was 5, I thought I’d be: A Lawyer.
Myers-Briggs: ENTJ – The Strategic Leader. With only 1.8% of the population having this type, it’s one of the rarest! And primarily male.
Favorite Quotes: 1) SHINE not so others will see you but so others will see themselves. 2) Plan your work, work your plan. 3) Repetition equals perfection. 4) The only way to do great work is to love what you do.