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Unleash your potential. Rediscover your greatness. Tell your new story with pride and confidence.

The world today is set up to have us believe that who you are is what you do. This belief has been ingrained in you so deeply your entire life that it permeates your entire being. 

Be perfect. Be safe. Fit in. Don’t make mistakes. You only get one chance. 

It’s no wonder that you’re confused about your direction, lost, afraid, and trying desperately to fit yourself inside of whatever box you’ve been given!

We call bullshit. You are so much more than your resume!

If you’re here, you know that, too. But figuring out what to do on your own? There are so many unknowns, it’s scary! To make the change you seek, having someone to help you see yourself correctly is not only helpful, it’s almost required.

At SHINE, we’ve helped hundreds of humans get to their next level. Helping you find your life’s work is our soul’s calling. 

Whether you need coaching or more intensive resume, job search, and interview guidance, we have the experience and care to get you where you want to go.

It all starts with our signature Clarity & Coffee Session.

We have A LOT to accomplish in this first meeting!

Not only will we get acquainted with one another, we will dive deep into your priorities and goals, experience and desires. 

We know that can be a challenge, so you will receive a short homework assignment prior to our call to get your dreams and ideas flowing. 

In our first 90 minutes together, we will:

  • uncover your unique gifts and talents
  • put clarity around your priorities
  • create an action plan toward your goals

This is the start of the magic; you’ll feel it even in the first time we meet.

Our highest intention is authenticity. We are direct and to-the-point, and as I receive information from you, I give you access to all that I have for you immediately. The work starts right away and there is no reason to slow it down.

After our session, your send-off will include:

  • a meaningful exercise, tailored personally to you.
  • 15-minute follow-up phone call to discover insights from your post-session activities and plan the appropriate steps towards your future success


We can’t wait to meet you!

ChastityOffice Manager; Career Coaching Client
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Before I discovered Arienne and SHINE, I had been out of work for so long, that my confidence was absolutely wrecked. I felt unemployable and like something was wrong with me! Arienne completely turned it around. I started to regain my confidence and it grew every week. Within a month, I had a new role and even learned how to negotiate my salary and value my worth. There's no way I could have done that on my own. Now I tell everyone I know about SHINE!

Clarity & Coffee

The first step!
$ 149
  • 90 minutes one-on-one
  • Uncover talents, priorities and goals
  • Includes 15-minute follow-up call and action steps

Additional Coaching Services

  • Resume Review 
  • Resume & Cover Letter Coaching 
Written for you
  • Master Resume  
  • Additional Tailored Resumes 
  • Executive Resume – Master 
  • Cover Letter 
  • Additional Cover Letters 
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing 
  • Articulate your job goals
  • Use advanced features on Indeed and other job boards to find positions
  • 1-2 sessions of resume writing coaching, 1-2 hours each
  • Introduction to LinkedIn for networking and your job search
  • Receive tips on LinkedIn profile and cover letter
  • Draft resume and train on tailoring to specific jobs; Collect letters of reference/recommendations
  • Support unique job situations, negotiate offers and practice interviewing skill

Have a big interview coming up? Let’s take some time to role-play situational questions so you’re ready to wow your interviewers and land the job with confidence!

Tailored to you! While we’ll know a lot after our first Clarity & Coffee session, ongoing coaching is a fantastic choice when you want to go deeper in your career and self-exploration.

Some things we might cover include:

  • Full career analysis
  • Deep dive into your true wants
  • Skills, personality and career assessments
  • Brainstorm potential directions
  • Determine education needed
  • Interview coaching
  • Ongoing, on-demand support when needed! 
SarahMarketing Consultant and Brand Strategist
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I met Tifhani 7 years ago when I was miserable in my job, and she was my recruiter to find a new position. Over the years, I kept coming back to her for advice and on-the-spot coaching because my misery seemed to follow me everywhere I went. She has guided me through some very tough times in my career, and always knows exactly what to say to get me back into my power. It's almost like she sees straight through my BS into my soul. It's truly magic. Today, I'm building something for myself and I am so excited about my path. I know that SHINE will continue to be there every step of the way!

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