We help great companies discover great people

and help great people discover themselves.

As a people-first company who lives and breathes your vision and values, one wrong hire can upset the entire foundation you’ve worked so hard to build. Creating a truly successful team requires looking beyond what’s on paper to discover and find people who have the special blend of talent and skills combined with a personal mission and vision to match your own.

Finding that perfect fit can be a huge challenge, taking months or even years of trying (and trying again). What if you could find the right people faster, and with less risk? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a team with the experience and know-how to accelerate the process?

Hi. We’re SHINE.

We’ve been in this wonderful business of people for over 20 years. Connecting great people with fantastic companies is not only what we do, it’s who we are

We are:

Talent Acquisition experts, at the ready to jump in and find the best people for even your most challenging roles. We look beyond technical skills to find the human underneath to ensure a truly perfect match with your team.  

HR Operations maestros, able to create and refine your processes and systems. We understand the important and delicate balance between ensuring compliance and fostering excellent employee/employer relationships.

Master Career Coaches, here to help you rewrite your story and create the life of your dreams.

Most importantly, we are humans living a human existence. Everything we do is to bring out the best in people, to illuminate what’s possible so we can all shine a little brighter. 

We exist to inspire change, connect great humans, and illuminate the world of work. 

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